When Life Collides with History

I am using this blog to integrate a realistic version of my own history, and life, with comments and writing along the way. Many aspects – all in one place.
I’m inspired as I have been working on the Shamcher blog and website, here at http://www.shamcher.wordpress.com, and although there are some areas that need to be adjusted, the project seems to be coming along nicely. It makes me happy to see his work compiled, and I like using wordpress for content management. Fantastic. His effect on my life was profoundly transformational, and I am happy to be engaged in this work now. I also put together the little site, http://www.shamcher.org, which still needs major work.
Today, I am running a small business which helps people self-publish books, Alpha Glyph Publications Ltd. I’m very excited about the potential for self-publishing now that docutek technology is becoming more common, and see it as a wonderful revolution in personal and corporate expression.

Before that, I was co-producer and partner with my husband, James K-M, in Electric Living Productions, a New Media company. We produced a comprehensive DVD-ROM called Electric Living in Canada, in which we interviewed over 90 digital artists and media theorists about the direction and evolution of (then) new interactive technologies.