Dolphin Eye Drops

In the late 70’s Shamcher introduced me to Sitara Dolphin, who had been a sufi in the Seattle area for many years. Her husband had started a successful eye drop company in the 50’s, and after he passed away, Sitara had taken it over, and when I met her in her 70s, she was running it  with the help of her pupil, a younger 40ish man named Fred.
The eyedrops were a natural product, a tincture made of different barks. The story went that Mr. Dolphin had been diagnosed with an eye problem that could leave him blind. (This was probably cataracts). Distressed, he felt a great urge to go upstairs to the attic and lie down on the couch. Immediately he had a dream. Indians came to him and showed him various tree barks, and how to boil them to create the eyedrops. He awoke refreshed and soon after made the potion which healed his eyes and restored his failing sight. They began the Dolphin Eye Drop company, and distributed through health food stores. Sitara’s face was smooth and radiant – she  also used the drops on her skin. They gave me some, and the drops were restorative, even though they did have an astringent feeling at first.

Did Fred, or anyone, continue with the eyedrops after Sitara died? This magical formula will have to come to someone else in another dream before it can be rediscovered once again.


2 thoughts on “Dolphin Eye Drops

  1. I was the recipient of this letter:

    Shamcher expended efforts over several years to ensure that the secret recipe would not be lost. My first contacts occured with him in the spring of 1977 and continued until 1980.

    I met Fred in the fall of 1979. He was 65 at the time. He was not fortyish even though he had a youthful appearance. When I met him he had taken over the business. His plan was to father a child and pass on the secret to his child. As you can understand, Shamcher was very concerned about the situation. Fred never knowingly revealed anything to me about the formulation.

    At first, I was very enthusiastic about solving the mystery but, with time, I pushed the quest aside. I have put efforts into researching the composition now and then through the years. Obviously, access to Internet is helpful. Have I figured it out? Maybe, I don’t know.

    Nonetheless, this whole project has been somewhat of a curse for me. It’s an unresolved issue. From my point of view, it would be marginally profitable and entail unlimited financial liability. Such a product is regulated. Any mishap can lead to significant problems.

    As for the dream and Indians stuff, it’s highly unlikely. Nothing’s that easy. Intelligence, knowledge, perseverance and hard work are what produce results.

    I have not lost my curiosity about the alledged healing powers that are mentioned. Still, my motivation to pursue with this project is very limited.

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