Worldsign: Language of the Future?

Gordon Thompson had glowingly referred to the visual language which had been invented and evolved by David Orcutt. Based on American Sign Language for the deaf, combined with First Nations (or Native American) signs, along with dance mudras and other gesture-languages, this remarkable language was created with various intentions. One of these would be so the deaf could have a written language, which was not at that time in existence. I’m not sure how it has evolved or been adopted. I was inspired by the image of screens flashing vast amounts of information – including affective information – all in image or iconic form. Of course the Chinese languages, and other non-alphabetic languages do have this highly condensed full-word content in single glyphs. Orcutt’s rich language looks simple but includes great complexity, and particularly shines in the kinaesthetic human interconnectedness that it fosters. More on World Sign.


3 thoughts on “Worldsign: Language of the Future?

  1. hi Barron B…
    Yes David is still around …
    he is In Vancouver BC Canada …
    after a fall last spring ….
    he is still Shining Brightly ……@ 85 yearsYoung

    I am working with David and Worldsign on a number of projects ..
    one of which is trying to track down People
    who have worked with David O
    + have stories to share

    Please contact me ( Angela ) on

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