Poetic Moment at Northern Voice

In a poetic moment at Northern Voice this weekend, I saw someone’s tag lying on the floor beside my chair. Yes, the name read: Dave Sifry. No Technorati, just his name handwritten by sharpie. Why was that poetic? Not just the resonant meaning of “tag” – but hey, I was linked to him, for an instant. Me, a new blogger, number 1,109,936. I knew he was important, so showed the tag to the guy next to me, who immediately asked everyone if Dave Sifry was in the room. (He didn’t know him, or what he looked like either.) At the end of the session, I passed the tag on to a volunteer in a Northern Voice t-shirt. The lanyards were from sxip (or dixs if you read it the other way) and they had kind of weak clips: my own tag fell off several times, but just into my own bag. But Sifry’s, his communicated.

Now that’s blogging! Thanks Northern Voice, I’m starting to understand.


One thought on “Poetic Moment at Northern Voice

  1. The poetic influence continued as I found that very soon after this entry WordPress.com was under construction. When I checked Technorati to see if the post was included with all the other Northern Voice comments, it was nowhere to be seen, and the tag had not been picked up at all! What now?

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