Layered Video

Before I had formed VideoWomen, I made a video while at U of C, dealing with women’s issues, etc. Actually it was more of a media experiment. As the tape was erased long ago, I thought it would be fun to describe it here. First, I searched through innumerable films from the U of C archives and the NFB, gathering clips to edit together once they had been transferred to tape via the big old telecine machine. I ordered the many clips, included images of women from silents like Metropolis and The Phantom of the Opera, from anthropology films and other educational pieces, and from NFB shorts. Then I showed the finished work to a group, and as they viewed, their comments were recorded as the audio track. The work had one more layer to it, in which the whole piece was shown to the group again, and this time, in the lower right corner of the piece (much like picture-in-picture) the commenting group, recorded, sitting in the studio, discussing the piece again, as they viewed. This audio was additionally mixed into the audio of the final tape. I can’t even remember its title, and unfortunately, in keeping with my “process vs product” ideology at that time, I allowed the master tape to be wiped – no record of it exists at all.


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