Meditation Life

For many years I was more devoted to the meditation life than to the pursuit of life in the fast lane. Although I carried on in the working world to some extent, the main focus of my energies was the development, nurturance and participation in the inner life. Meditation, spiritual practices, group activities and weekly meetings were all predominant in my daily life, with many wonderful and remarkable experiences giving me encouragement to continue in this path.

Although I was interested very much in Buddhism, both Zen and Tibetan, I was initiated into the Sufi lineage by Shamcher Beorse, and from that time on was involved in the beautiful dimensions of the sufi path. Not that different from yoga, it does have a persian rose perfume to many of the practices. Having done yoga since the age of 12, and being familiar with Zen writings from my reading of the Beats, I was open to discovering all I could about awakening, enlightenment and spiritual development.

But when I was initiated, not formally but innerly, then I knew I was entering that great mind, in order to leave myself behind. How strange it is now for me to find myself outside of any formal organization, after having founded (and helped to found) many spiritual groups and events over so many years.


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