Writing Proposals and Applications

Just taking a break from writing a proposal for funding for an interactive project – again. This time of year is always deadline time, and I find myself caught once again in the spell of writing another truly wonderful proposal for a project which will be extremely useful and valuable, plus creative with lasting impact. And of course I have to get over the feeling that I have done this many times before, with some success but also with some that have not hit the mark. Sometimes it is the sheer volume of applicants, something I experienced when assessing projects, so I know that when the letter says: there were so many qualified applicants to choose from, I know that it is partially true.

So I write on, and again create a budget according to the template required, then take the creative force of the concept and reduce it to what I hope will be acceptable proposal-language. This one is to Telefilm Canada, for their Canada New Media Fund. Watch this space for the response to this.

Last year at their deadline time, I applied with two production proposals, both of which were not accepted. Should I not have put in two? I felt that if they had only one deadline per year, it would be fine. One was a co-production with an Alberta company, a development of my own New Media Literacy Series. The other, based on the remarkable exhibition, The Blackfoot and the Jews, is still in process. After working like a madwoman last year to complete these two proposals, and just making the deadline time (there had been a delay in the Alberta group which forced me to make last minute changes), I received the thanks but no thanks letters later that month.

It was then that I decided to put my energies into AlphaGlyph, with diversification. I had lost heart, felt I was working for nothing. Yet here I am today, writing another proposal, and this time it is through my Alpha Glyph company.

What comes up for me when doing this is a complex of thoughts – how can I show to the world, or at least to the evaluators, what I have to offer? Not only my McLuhan study, which has given me keys to media understanding that will last a lifetime (no matter what the change in technology), but also my years of experience at VFS in instruction and administration. Not to mention the rest of my background. I'll go into these and more next post, must get back to the work at hand.


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