Too Busy to Post: Blog Guilt Be Gone

The month of April was a whirlwind, and I found myself too busy to post.

Long ago I realized that the little diaries which I would inevitably be given for birthdays and Xmas were only there to haunt me. Pink or red, with the little brass key, and each day laid out ready for my daily child thoughts….a nightmare. Immediately I felt inadequate, well not the first few days when I was loyal to the "dear diary" but later, when week-long or month-long gaps would appear, and those pages were left blank – accusing me of my failure to complete.

Then I realized there is a better way: the journal. Who cares if it is daily, weekly, monthly or intermittent? Somehow over the years I have accumulated many many of these coilbound journals. If there had been daily diary entries I'd need a separate storage unit just to house them. 

So this blog is not a daily diary, but a journal, and can become intermittent as my life flexes and transforms. NO BLOG GUILT! 


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