Gastown Neighbourhood Coalition

Just returned from the Gastown Neighbourhood Coalition press conference, held in the Moonshine restaurant (soon to be renamed Six Acres) just by Gassy Jack at Maple Tree Square. It was well attended, with many of the local business owners and residents taking time from their morning to show their support for the issue and the speakers. Jon Stovell was clear in defining the problems such a stadium plan will create, giving background to the urgency to inform city council of the negative impact to Gastown, particularly regarding heritage considerations. Carol Sill gave the views of the Gastown Residents Association, which, as part of the Coalition, is working to oppose the stadium as presented in this location. Also speaking was Anthony Norfolk, representing the Gastown Heritage Area Planning Committee and Caryn Duncan from the Central Waterfront Coalition.

Posters were on display showing the potential impact of the stadium building in the area. Hopefully with the press in attendance there should be some serious coverage of the Gastown reaction to this proposed development, and the need for a complete re-think of any concept that such a massive structure would be placed in such a sensitive heritage area.


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