Getting Hyper-Local on Carrall Street

The whole purpose of this Journal is to discover just how much is contained in a local street, just how hyper-local we can be here. Initially, I had wanted to develop a site that would deepen the experience of the street, a kind of "invisible cities" approach, where history, present and future localities intermix with the resonances found in the street names, the shop names, the uses and abuses of the street by all who travel along it, live on it or near it, come to it looking for…. for what? looking for how to get to Sun Yat Sen Gardens? looking for the goods for sale in the alley between Cordova and Hastings? looking for Gastown? looking for a friend's place….you name it. 

Then I thought the voice should be more corporate, the face of the street, linked with the changes that the Greenway would bring. But to bring that aspect to life needs a personal touch, a personal or documentary approach. Or a journalistic one. Just listing the events on the street isn't enough. So the Journal is evolving, post by post, similar to the way a street evolves from thoroughfare to community.


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