Poetic, Iconic, Lasting

Confusion of the multiverse can sometimes become very intense. That is when I feel I don't have time to add to this blog, too much work to do, feeling there is not enough mindshare to tend to my own projects. Just too damn busy!

Then I recall the answer. When at Northern Voice conference and the blog analysis conference frenzy was high, I took a walk through a bookstore during a break. Here before me was the answer. Poetry. It was Pound who said that Poetry is news that stays news. And here in the iconic understanding of the true power of word, of language, that magical talisman "the written word" – here is the way to clarify all that perceived busyness. It could also give an antidote to the textglut: meaning. Isn't that what we are looking for, after all?

McLuhan understood all this, tried to convey it at the time. Now we have the minds to perhaps understand, the world has gone past his immediate relevancy. His thought is being retrieved of course. Let's look there.


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