Gastown Parent’s Concerns

Wendy Pedersen's letter:

I am a member of the Central Waterfront Coalition and a parent of two young children who lives near to the proposed stadium on the Waterfront. There have been up to 80 kids living in my co-op in the last few years and my views are representative of many who live here and in other social housing in the area.

I disagree with the argument put forth by Stadium Now that opposition to the Waterfront Stadium is only about money and financial interests. Would other parents in Vancouver appreciate 15-30,000 soccer or concert fans invading their neighbourhood?  There will be too much car traffic congestion, pedestrian traffic, pollution, noise from fans, noise from the stadium, and potential for hooliganism.

I worry that I won’t be able to get to the corner store with my kids on game or concert days. I wonder if my kids will get to sleep at 8 o’clock on hotsummer nights when I need to keep my windows open (a high profile concert promoter said he will book 100’s of concerts in the open air stadium).
The City Report on this proposal supports my belief that the stadium will be good for liquor establishments but not other businesses in Gastown.  More bar stools, means more trouble.  At the end of the day, my kids and I still won’t have a video store to go to. 

I am in support of the Woodward’s style revitalization because it is about “residents” and “community.”  This is the model of development that will make our neighbourhood a better place for everyone.


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