Observed (5 minutes)

I am a surveillance camera for five minutes. Observing people walking on Carrall.Three people in coats, one with red hooded jacket, walking east. Two arrive to same spot, one again in red, one in black sweater. Look like tourists. He grey hair, she red jacket, dyed brown hair. Behind them man in blue jacket. Cyclist with backpack, water bottle, young woman and man, well dressed, Man and dog, cap, blue sweatshirt. White truck with ruffles sign on side, delivery of chips?Woman in pink shirt, little bag, again, older, dyed hair. Asian girl pert pony tail. Guy with cap. Cowboy hat, hard hat
Grey hair, man pushes card with boxes on it, delivery to corner store?
Guy in plaid shirt, carries bag from corner store, familiar dealer comes out of store, stands around. Cycle repair setup, bike tubes being fixed.
Old guy, smoking , cap. Looks like retired logger. Backpack kid looks like a trekker
Sports guy, sport shirt, jeans,
Someone goes into methadone clinic,Another guy goes in there, someone comes out with Styrofoam cup, keeps walking.
Asian guy in tilley hat
Couple – he in denim, 60ish, she in black, leather jacket , black peak cap. Carrying bags
Cyclist, bright orange pants, pink shirt, red helmet, he waits at lights. Another tourist couple, older. Two guys on corner. Standing talking, smoking.
Man in white hard hat, suit, clipboard in hand, walks fast.
Guy in shades with coffee, guy with bag of cans and empties over shoulder, guy in blue waits at light. Wait, those aren’t empties that is bedding in a transparent bag.
Two cyclists, caps, expensive bikes. Woman rolls cart behind her, another woman rolls out of methadone clinic with walker, vw van waits at light. Girl in pony tail walks by. Guy crosses against light, another waits patiently behind. Woman walks with intention, high heels, stops to ask the walker person directions. Couple with two coffees walk by. Guy with ipod, black clothes
Tourist man with camera asks resident for directions, she points the way. City truck goes by, guy comes along with big army and navy bag.
Guy has big case on wheels, waits while friend goes into the methadone clinic
Bus goes by
Mini stops at lights
Backpack girl crosses street.
Tourists – which way do I go?
Men women old young Asian Caucasian Black
Jackets backpacks jeans caps
Walking, ambling along, standing there, cycling
Pairs, groups, singles
Bags, cigarettes, coffees


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