Yoko Ono “Mending Peace” on Carrall Street

YOKO ONO: Mending Peace.
Centre A will present "Mending Peace," a solo exhibition by Yoko Ono, in conjunction with the 2006 World Peace Forum, June 23-28, and explorASIAN 2006.

Exhibition: June 3 – July 1, 2006; Opening: Friday, June 2, 8pm
The exhibition brings together three works by Yoko Ono that speak to the theme of imagining peace. Transmitting real-time images of the sky to a tv set inside the gallery, Sky T.V. (1966) is one of the earliest video installations ever made and is Yoko Ono’s only work in video art. In Mend Peace, the audience participates by mending broken china. For Wish Tree, visitors are invited to write down their desires on pieces of paper and tie them to trees in the gallery. At the end of the exhibition, all the wishes will be saved and sent to New York to be included in the Tower of Peace that Yoko Ono will make in Iceland. “Mending Peace” is curated by Alice Ming Wai Jim and accompanied by an illustrated exhibition booklet with an essay by Midori Yoshimoto.


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