dr. sun yat sen gardens: dream feeder

dr. sun yat sen gardens … i love the little bamboo hill close to the east entrance, a tiny stretch of forest covered in swishy black-stalked plants … and the pagoda out on the lake – well, out on the pond – that i'm always hoping to get all by myself for a few minutes but rarely do because all the tourists want to have their pictures taken there.

i love how, when you follow the path to the south of the bamboo hill, you end up at a wall, guarded by a big plant (banana?): so mysterious! what's behind that wall? surely something very precious and magical, and i think of all the oriental fairy tales full of fair maidens and fantastically beautiful flowers behind palace walls; these walls at dr. sun yat sen gardens have such powers that they make me imagine these things even though i know very well what lies beyond them.

i love the windows that frame the views of the gardens and of vancouver just so, revealing images as only artists can.

such a small piece of land! so much to see, so many sounds and smells to feed my dreams!
isabella mori


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