david pritchard has a fascinating little page about traffic on carrall street.

why fascinating? i have to admit, i love statistics – i always see something very reassuring and at the same time mysterious and promising in long rows of numbers and diagrams – but i think for carrall street, there is something else that peaks my interest.

as much as i love statistics, i have a hard time imagining getting all dewy-eyed over traffic statistics on georgia street or the knight street bridge. but carrall street – that’s a place i can relate to, because it is small (only five blocks), because i drive down carrall street at least once a week (usually on my way to sacred space), because i’ve spent years in the neighbourhood.

when i look at one of those little traffic diagrams (aren’t they cute? don’t they make you think of those playmats where little boys can play with their matchbox cars, vroom, vroom, vroom?), i wonder, was i one of those numbers, one of those left-turning vehicles, one sunny afternoon in 2004?

and in my mind’s eye, i see a summer student standing at the corner of keefer and carrall, with her clipboard, counting bicycle after bicycle – is she getting bored? does she have her eye on the other student, a good-looking hunk of a young man? are they going to hang out afterwards at mr. coffee and have some bubble tea?

no, i really don’t think i could get into all this – the stats, the traffic diagrams, imagining what happened when they counted the cars and bikes – if this was some bustling, big street in any-big-town, north america. but little carrall street – yeah, i want to go there – not just with my car, but also with my imagination.

isabella mori


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