The realization has finally hit me: documentation. It caught up with me last night, and I understood why this blog hasn't been going anywhere lately. The inventory of the objects on my table should have been a clue to me. First I thought it was a bit of a cop-out to just list that stuff. But now I see that it was the first in the series of documentary blogging posts. I'm done with the reason why I began this blog: to bring my history to the present. No historical thoughts have come to me for the past few weeks. Why should the blog suffer for that? Instead, it is now a new dedication to the documentation of the stuff of daily life. No doubt I'm late to the party, and others have been here and beyond well before me. But, here I am. And future posts will all be documentation. I'll find out where that leads.


One thought on “Documentation

  1. After talking with you about Gruner, I just read what you posted on his writings. Very interesting thoughts, and it should be very interesting also to see his classification of different types of medicine/healing approaches. Looking forward to read about this…

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