Visitors from the Northwest

Today, separately, two visitors arrived from the Northwest. Actually, they call it the Northwest, but from the Canadian point of view they are from the Southwest. First, Vakil Forest Shomer, (from Port Townsend) drove his Subaru into our parkade and we carried up two boxes of archival materials for the Shamcher archive. We looked at the papers, manuscripts, books, and correspondence, that he had received from both Bryn Jr. and Cal Hermann, an OTEC colleague of Shamcher's when he was at U.C.Richmond Field station. Sunny day, the Jazz festival could be overheard outside. Then Stefan Tischler (now living in Bellingham) arrived, here to visit James before going to a jazz show tonight. We discussed his music, website, life in Bellingham, creative life. Tyr was here for dinner, too, but didn't meet Forest as he had left for Amir's by that time. In the past year, we rarely had out of town visitors, but it seems the gates of summer are open wide. 

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