Dancing in the Street

The Jazz Festival in Gastown crowds were a little thin this year, I imagine it was because this past weekend had so many events going on, with the World Urban Forum, the World Peace Forum and the Earth festival all happening at the same time. We eventually made it out to the street close to the end of it all, took lawn chairs to Maple Tree Square and saw the Mystery Groove Band – this year it was the Cat Empire. I didn’t sit in that chair for long. Everyone was dancing, the sun was shining, it was a remarkable moment on the street in Gastown. Looking up at the Hotel Europe behind the stage, then to the left on a roof – a guy is taking a 360 of the whole thing. Was that a video camera? He was the same person I had seen standing in front of us, wearing the ultra expensive distressed jeans and the wagon repair shirt, with the Dior shades. (I don’t really know the subtleties of sunglass brands, but in this case the shades had a big Dior logo on the sides.) Cat Empire was great and summer is officially here in Gastown, there’s dancing in the street.


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