Stadium Proposal before City Council Tonight

By now there are over 160 members in the Gastown Residents Association, asking council to vote no to the proposed stadium, and to work with the Whitecaps to find a better location for the project. What about False Creek Flats, or the old Empire Stadium near Hastings Park, or use one of the existing stadiums to house the Whitecaps?

Traffic and crowds are a big concern. The Jazz Festival is a one-time a year event, but having massive crowds in the streets and traffic jams two to three times a week makes the area unlivable. I wonder how such a stadium would affect the Greenway. The work that has been done to create the concept of the Carrall Greenway, and its intentions to encourage more calmed traffic, a pedestrian-friendly and neighbourhood-friendly area, with recreational bike/blade paths, more trees, etc. could be compromised considerably if the stadium is built in the proposed location. That vision of this neighbourhood, with the amenities, public art, and use of public space it outlines doesn’t seem to co-exist with the large stadium as it is now presented.

The various views will be aired tonight at the City Council, and it is likely that the speakers’ list is too long for a decision tonight. There is much to consider and the media proponents of the stadium are really going full on. There will no doubt be a continuation of the council meeting on Thursday before a decision can be reached.


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