City Council to Determine Fate of Stadium Proposal

More speakers will be heard by City Council tonight as the debate continues over the fate of the stadium proposal. A decision should be forthcoming on Tuesday, during the regular council session. Of course, emotions are still high on all sides, but now that the world cup is over, the timely soccer moment has passed. We could look without emotion at a plan that needs a serious overhaul before it could even be considered. The press which was so positive for the stadium plan, and the so-called “free money” given to the city for this plan, has had to take some backward steps when looking at the realities of the obstacles to this trojan horse stadium.

Supporters will again be at council chambers for the 4th night of impassioned speeches before the elected councillors. But more than the presentations on both sides, it is the realistic view of the city planners to this situation, and the very real problems of dangerous goods being housed or transported beneath the podium that indicate that this plan is a non-starter, something community groups such as the Gastown Neighbourhood Coalition, the Gastown Residents Association and the Waterfront Coalition recognized from the outset.


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