Two more years

Well it will be two more years of city planning and attempts to find solutions to the difficult (insurmountable) problems that city planners identified in the Whitecaps Stadium proposal. From the community side of things, the game is not over yet.

While mainstream media trumpets the news that the stadium has been approved, this is not exactly the case. There will need to be resolution on the issues city staff identified, and this resolution will have to be complete before the go-ahead will be given for building. I’m hopeful. Half the people speaking at city hall over the protracted meetings were for the stadium, many only for the idea of a soccer stadium somewhere in the city. The other half: members of the Gastown and greater community, who for good reasons, found issues with the stadium in that location and as proposed. Those issues are all still outstanding, and may not be easy to resolve, no matter how much money is tossed into the process.

The Central Waterfront Coalition has been meeting regularly on  Tuesday evenings at Blake’s on Carrall (221 Carrall exactly). Next Tuesday will be their last meeting of the summer. 6pm. All welcome.