The Wild Ecology in the Digital Pond

In a letter to the New York Times Book Review section, responding to John Updike’s essay on digital publishing, titled “The End of Authorship”, literary agent, editor and publisher Joni Evans stated:

…what is good for John Updike is not necessarily good for the millions of authors the current system has locked out. Creativity does not flourish when books can’t find publishers or when audiences cannot be sustained. Those authors whose works remain unpublished, out of print, out of stock or out of date will be the ones to march in the digital revolution. Updike is a large, elite fish in a small pond. The digital pond is primarily for other species – smaller, less recognized, exotic fish that need the oxygen this new world provides.

Exactly, Joni, and the reason why I decided to begin my small company, AlphaGlyph Publications: to help these authors bring their work out into the world.


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