Which Printer?

It’s not easy to decide and define which printer is best for your self-publishing enterprise. I just finished working with an author in the US who used the Lulu system, and found it quite satisfactory. Here in Canada, we don’t have the option of using such an encouraging system for self-publishing. Why is Lulu so great? Their main feature is that there is not need to pay for anything up front. You literally (pardon the pun) pay per book as you go along. It is truly on-demand printing. However, from Canada we have to work with print on demand providers who ask for money up front before beginning the project. Lulu knows that at least the author will order, and that there are other components besides the book printing itself that can generate their income. I think it’s definitely worth checking out, although a designer friend mentioned that the laser-print look and feel is unavoidable with Lulu, and his tone made me understand that this was a “no-no”. Still, for the person who needs to get a version out there, and who has time but no money, it is a great way to get started.


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