Big Green Metal Telus Box

by Nancy Zimmerman

Big Green Telus Box
Now here’s a unique-to-Carrall-street problem. It demonstrates the confluence of two Gastowns: the homeless, jobless and addicts eking out a survival of sorts, and the other half, young(ish), monied (ish), landed.

Carrall and Cordova is the address of two early-adapter condo buildings full of lofts. Target market: techno types. To accommodate the i.t. savvy residents, Telus had to build a Big Green Metal Box, which contains all kinds of wire for high-speed etc. It’s on the south east corner of the intersection. You can’t miss it: It’s the size of a kitchen table, waist high.

But the drug crowd found its own purpose for the Big Green Box: weighing drugs. Yup, nice flat surface for scales, four sides around which to congregate, while allowing for obstruction of vision should law enforcement turn the corner. Needles, a crowd of addicts and dealers, everything we find uncomfortable, all in front of some poor guy’s convenience store.

Apparently enough complaints have been made that Telus is fabricating a dome of sorts to place on top, eliminating it as a weigh scale.

Hmmm. I wonder how much that will cost, and if the Gov’t were to match dollar for dollar, would that be enough for one more treatment bed? (probably not, but let’s do the thought experiment anyways) And if that meant one more person per year was able to reintegrate with the labour force, would that result in enough income tax from said person to have covered the costs?


One thought on “Big Green Metal Telus Box

  1. Update on the Telus box:
    A new pitched roof was placed on this box, so now no one can use it as a drug sales station. However, the box is still quite a distance from the building behind it, and people huddle and gather there, sheltered from the street by the box.

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