Kohl – the beauty of the eye

At the Vancouver Folk Festival there was a guy selling gold and red slippers from Morocco at a stand with leather bags and small amber scented blocks to rub on the skin. But best of all, he had kohl for the eyes. I hadn’t had any since the glass container of kohl from Hooman had burst. When I first started using it, it was just such a lovely thing to do. Using the stick and closing the eye on it as I drew the stick across the closed lids. Then opening my eyes, finding them lined with black. Suddenly my eyes look ancient, wise, beautiful, deep, eastern, womanly. And some mornings waking up with the kohl sort of messed up, a little bit slutty-looking. The eyes – covered with a slight film from the kohl, seeming to be protected from the sun. You need no other eye makeup. Years ago at Burning Man, I had the kohl from Hooman, and used it every day. It became a ritual. At first it can seem too intense, but then you find it becomes the new normal. And as I age, I find there is womanly beauty and wisdom of the earth in eyes lined in kohl. Something I can do forever.


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