Limo Shoot-out Stopped on Carrall

Sat night, July 29, 10:15pm.
So a limousine pulls up from god-knows-where to Maple Leaf Square, the east end of gastown, presumably to go to a club.
Two men in the limo start fighting one another, with the limo rooftop pulled back.
It gets aggressive enough that a cop who lives in a condo above them calls 911.
Another resident, disgusted, took a more active role, and tossed a water balloon at them.
The water balloon missed, splattering on the sidewalk, but one of the fighting men pulled out a gun and shot, twice, at the resident.
He did not get hit, but the building got some serious chips taken out.
Meanwhile, cop on the phone with 911 is relaying this play by play.

The fighting duo force the limo to take off (if limo’s can be said to ‘take off’) down Carrall street.
Eight police cars beat the limo to the intersection of Carrall and Pender (I think) and nab the men in question.

So, two men get arrested.
One sidewalk gets water-ballooned washed.
One building gets chipped.
One limo driver probably looks for another line of work.
All in all, another night in Gastown … and another tick on ‘the worst stuff that happens here comes from Other Places’ side of the ledger.

Reported by Nancy Zimmerman


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