Legalize Pot protest on Carrall/Water

Apparently it happens every 5 years: a rag-tag, pretty-darn-fun protest, asking (?) Canada to legalize pot.

When I first saw the event summer 2001, same location, things were different.  For one thing, at least 5, maybe as many as 10, V.Police were lingering and watching.  This year?  Not a uniform to be seen, all day, that I could tell.

Last time:  no particular audience.  This year:  a healthy patio of tourists (thanks to Chill Winston, a terrific new restaurant on the intersection), some of whom took photos on their Treos.

Last time:  my reaction was astonishment that this kinda stuff happened.

This time: my reaction is, ‘good on ‘ya’ … and I only wish pot users were the only things we needed to be concerned about.  With the numbers of young men and women (and by that I mean 16 – 30, I guess) who are so $(*#’d up by devastating drugs, it would be laughable to devote any public resources towards monitoring a pro-marijuana protest.


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