Write for the Carrall Street Journal

Note from Carol Sill

As editor, I welcome all comments to any postings here in the journal, and also welcome any writer who has something to submit. gastownsiren, isabella mori, and Zakira are all regular contributing authors in this blog, and of course I post messages from time to time. I hope to have a wide cross-section of views – so please comment, or you could send something to me by email, or sign up as an author in this virtual street. Register a comment here and I’ll get back to you, or email me at carrall (at) alphaglyph (dot) com.  Someone who recently commented on the journal was disappointed that there weren’t many images here. If you have any pix, please send them on.

Looks like we have new Gastown banners up in the Gastown portion of the street, and as usual there is tons of activity with the summer tourists etc. The trees are all in the August fullness. So much has happened here that I haven’t mentioned, like the Tour de Gastown was again turning along Carrall – from Cordova to Water, with the speakers and haybales and clusters of fans.

And of course the heat. True summer in the city. Makes CRAB park all the more valuable, a little jewel of a park. You can see it from Carrall but can’t get there unless you go across the bridge at Main. Water, views, space, green. Oasis in the hot summer evenings.


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