Just returned from camping at the South Okanagan provincial campground. It was so overused by so many campers by the end of the season that the bushes and trees felt like they were in the city. Of course it is also very dry there, which contributes to the condensing of the life force that these plants seemed to have.

It is such an interesting way of life we have in Canada, where people pack up and go camping for periods of time, transferring their indoor lives to this outdoor camping situation. Not only in Canada, of course. We see families, groups, couples and singles all sitting by their firesides, all going into their tents and RVs, all having their meals at the picnic tables, all stringing the lines to dry their clothes and bathing suits. All looking at the stars at night, all walking to the wash-house in the morning. Summer camping.


One thought on “Campground

  1. Further to this post: there were forest fires in Washington State to the south of us, and they really affected the first few days of camping. The smoke was like a fog over the lake,and in the morning there was a fine post-apocalyptic dusting of ash. We still played in the lake, floated on the air mattress, with great food, charades by the fireside, and music at the lakeside as Tyr and Jasa played viola and ukelele and casio toy keyboard.

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