Same Old Street?

Suddenly it’s past the equinox, and we are nearing the end of September. The leaves on the Carrall Street trees are just beginning to turn the brilliant red that warms the days when the sun is lower, or the rains begin. In October, the Greenway construction should be beginning, adding a new note to the same old street.

Returning from camping I felt a love/hate relationship to the area, and the congestion of the city was keen in me. The images of the Lake Isle of Innisfree were much more vivid to me than the grey street – despite the ongoing film activity, the obviously happy tourists. It just got me down. I couldn’t see why I was doing this Carrall Street Journal – there is no money in it, it is just a volunteer thing, and somehow it doesn’t seem to make any difference. So I let it go for a while, and found that the other intermittent writers had done the same.

What’s different now? Why continue? Why not? I still think there is a value in recording what happens on this street. There is so very much that doesn’t get in this journal, as we are only writing in it from time to time. The Concourse of Gastown came and went, Hunt and Gather is back in their spot after being transformed into a photo shop, among other things, for films. Prime Time Chicken has been open all summer, and serving their soft ice cream. Video Monster has a patio now on the corner of Carrall and Cordova. SWARM filled the street one night with artlovers, going from ArtSpeak to ACCESS to Parking Lot, Interurban and Centre A. The Woodwards’ building has been smashed out, revealing lots of sky and land and building shards. Yesterday morning a poor guy was hit by a car while walking across Cordova from the methadone clinic – two fire and rescue, two police vehicles and one ambulance came to help him, after his friends gathered around him and redirected traffic until the help arrived. Tourists are no longer walking up and down the street with maps in hand trying to go from Sun Yat Sen Garden to Gastown (or vice versa), and the No Homes No Peace sign is still on the roof of the West Hotel.


2 thoughts on “Same Old Street?

  1. funny – i did not see the young man get hit on cordova, but i did see him sitting for a bit while the diversion happened. shortly after, someone gave him a cigarette, so he rested back on his elbow, feet crossed out in front across the lane. he smoked and seem quite relaxed.

    then, the amubulance came and i watched him sit up, toss the smoke, and clench his tummy. hmmm….

    as for the tourists on the street – i provide directions almost daily. i think the end of the tourist season is mid-october, but i could be wrong.

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