Time Flies

All the responsibilities I have signed up for, the clients, the work, the promises to myself to finally publish writings from long ago – all vie for first place in my queue each day. Each as important and valuable as the other, each requiring full and total attention for the time it takes to complete. And left on the side has been this little blog, which has been so patient and undemanding. Of course my few readers (you know who you are) have barely kept track of me since that last opus – the big burst of enthusiasm for Dr. O.C. Gruner and his remarkable work, which I now realize was way back in September. As usual, there is a speedup of time and now we are fully into October looking back on the fall. Where did September go, and why was it rushed away in a hushed dark vehicle, as if it had never happened? And how to explain those glorious sunny days, the imitation of summer revealed by the long angle of the sun, the early nightfall and the autumn moon?
We are here now, in the transforming time, ready to burrow down, and yet I still am actively creating, doing, starting again and again.
Once again I promise to be more faithful to you, dear old blog, and not take you for granted. I’ve seen how the weeks fly by like the leaves on the wind. Soon we will be in the tunnels of winter’s dark rains – and I’ll be here with you on the desk again, tapping out my messages once more. I promise, with all true intention, but wonder, if this is yet another faithless promise – when once again I am seduced by the lure of paid work, and all the other delightful satisfactions of enterprise, only to lift up my head to see the calendar, shaking, unbelieving to read the word “November”.


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