Bird Rescue

A friend sent me this email, thought I’d share it:

So there I was reclining on the couch wishing I felt better and blah blah blah and suddenly a bird crashes into my window on the second floor.  I look down and see a woodpecker sprawled motionless on the ground and rush down stairs and out and found him still.  But then an eye opened.  We sat together and I got to see the perfectly beautiful black and white speckled wing feathers and iridescent blue black tail feathers.  They were not quite unfurled so I surmised that this was a teen out for a joy ride.  On his head was a little bright cap of red.  His long beak was open, panting.  I Huuu ed and talked.  Didn’t try to touch him.  slowly he got his wits back – pulled his wings back to his body.  He wasn’t frightened of me .  We just were there together and I was forced to put myself into another space other than wah wah wah.  Slowly he got up, found his footing.  Hopped away into the shade.  Saw the wings flutter.  Felt happy. Oh, happy!  I remember that feeling.  Getting better since then.


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