Greenway not Just for Tourists

It has been said that the Carrall Street Greenway is being set up for tourists, for 2010, and not for the neighbourhood. I disagree. The Carrall Street Greenway will connect this extraordinary street to the rest of Vancouver. By linking to the False Creek and Stanley Park bike paths, the greenway will bring Carrall Street into the circling recreational pathways that surround the city’s waterfront. From Carrall we already cycle to Kits and beyond, or along Coal Harbour through Stanley Park, then over to English Bay. The difference the Greenway will make: people from those areas will include this street in their cycle paths. So to those who think this Greenway is a vehicle for tourist attraction, I suggest you open to the possibility that this will be a neighbourhood amenity, that will connect the rest of the city to this area.

By the way, the Greenway Stewardship committee  was completely committed to keeping the current SRO numbers in place for this street, and to have a development plan that included all stakeholders in the community. Many public forums and open meetings took into account these varied needs and visions.

We thought that that construction was set to begin in October, but have now heard it will be starting in January.


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