My New Special Interest Bookstore

I’ve finally put together some of my earlier writings, self-published at Lulu, which has given me a storefront, Carol’s Special Interest Bookstore. It’s all still in process, but I’m happy to say that at least it has started. Now the two books there are just the beginning, and the facsimile book is still in a draft form, no doubt it will need to be revised. But, I thought, why not just do it? Instead of only working on material for others, I should also put out some of the writing I’ve done for myself. Watch that space, there’s more to come. I’m using Lulu for work that has a very limited appeal, and am still not sure about using it for work that I know will have a wider audience. Not because their print on demand isn’t great, it’s very good. But because they are in the US. Not a problem for anyone ordering a single copy, the cost is under the customs radar. But any Canadian volume more than that could be more costly than a local printer.

Here’s a page from the facsimile book:

Collage from facsimile book


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