Signed up for Northern Voice

Just signed up for Northern Voice – it will be in February but I want to act fast, knowing that this one will be sold out. Last year I had been new to blogging so it was a wonderful boost. Looking back at my posts from those days, I was still finding my way. One thing I could never understand was that my posting on Dave Sifry’s Tag was never really seen by anyone, or picked up connected with Northern Voice. I thought it was really hilarious that I had found the name-tag of the King of all Tags, Mr. Technorati himself. But then, I didn’t have any authority. Still don’t. In fact, I was so lame I posted a comment to my own posting.

And I recognize that I’m working with content, not so much with the infrastructure. That’s why I went with At Northern Voice last year Matt was there, and I asked him if it’s better to install wordpress from, or go with the current set-up with I wanted a separate domain name, which he said they were looking into. So I stayed. Now that domains are being offered, I don’t know if I care right now – I’m so invested in just noodling along as is, my question has become moot. Actually, Matt was talking with Dick Hardt at the time, and they both told me that I’d have more control if I installed it myself, but I just find the functionality of really works for me right now. There are things I don’t want to deal with. seems to be keeping ahead of things for me, so until something reveals a limitation to what I want to accomplish, I’ll stick with it, gratefully.


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