Mansur’s Memoir of Shamcher and OTEC

It was interesting and dead easy to post this downloadable e-book that I did for Mansur Johnson: Shamcher: A Memoir of Bryn Beorse and his Struggle to Introduce Ocean Energy to the United States. Download/read HERE

Shamcher.Mansur.CoverAs you may know, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is one direct way to solve many of our energy problems today, and it offers benign power that does not pollute the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. As well, there are OTEC plants that can desalinate seawater at the same time, offering clean drinking water to many areas of the world that need it. Mansur’s story of the difficulties of getting this work known reveals a situation that we are too aware of: there are many technologies and solutions to the world’s problems that are ready to go. The problem is that vested interests keep these solutions from being implemented.

You can find the book here, as part of the Shamcher archive blog.

I described it as must-read for anyone interested in the efforts in the 70s to bring OTEC forward. Featuring correspondence excerpts from many of the people involved in this effort, this 135-page pdf book is a “who’s who” and a “what’s what” of OTEC development. Covering his work with Shamcher to try to bring OTEC to the attention of the US government, in particular the Department of Energy, Mansur has documented much of the correspondence and context of this effort, and is now offering this book free of charge.

Also available, on Mansur’s website: Murshid: A Personal Memoir of Life with American Sufi Samuel L. Lewis.

Free e-books are easy to prepare and present. I worked with InDesign, then just popped it into a pdf, and voila!


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