Construction Signs for Carrall Greenway

Construction signs are up for the Carrall Greenway. It’s been a long time coming, and there will be quite a few congested days before the whole thing is completed. However, I know the finished greenway will be a real asset to the whole community. The first sign I saw was on Powell Street, warning of the Greenway construction – fantastic! Then another day, the orange sign was on Carrall, before Keefer. This city means it this time, and we’ll see a remarkable change in the nature of the street.

The Carrall Street Stewardship Group really did include all stakeholders at the table for this one, but of course there is bound to be a critique. I’d heard rumours that deals were made for access across the tracks – which would feed Carrall directly into the proposed and contested stadium.  One thing the Stewardship Group endorsed was the support of the SROs in the area and a commitment to housing that would not displace those who live along the street.

Naturally there will be plenty of changes to the area over the next two years. The development on the corner of Carrall and Cordova will see renovation and development in a building whose upper floors have been vacant for over 27 years, and there is definitely something going on behind the hoarding at the old Spinning Wheel location beside the Blarney Stone. When the old bank building that faces into Pigeon Park on Hastings and Carrall finally becomes the media center which has been planned, we will see a whole new Carrall Street.

Those of us who have lived here for a while were surprised by the change that the two way street brought to us. Imagine the impact of the Greenway. Can’t wait to see how this greenway functions on this remarkable Vancouver street, which is a microcosm of Vancouver history and identity.


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