Greenway Construction – Keefer & Pender

Carrall Street Construction Sign

Sign on Keefer Street, beside the Sun Yat Sen Garden wall, warns of what’s to  come.

Road Construction 1

Road Construction 2
It’s great to see this construction of the Greenway has begun, but as you see, we will have some tricky walking and roadway navigation until it is completed. This, combined with the downtown construction for the rapid transit line and the temporary narrowing of Hastings street will make for a lot of congestion in the area.


2 thoughts on “Greenway Construction – Keefer & Pender

  1. I am glad you are back. The Gastown Resident’s association that was formed because of anti Stadium views seems to no longer exist. At least the website seems to be dead. As a person who joined this coalition, I would like to know what happened to this group who I believed represented my anti-stadium concerns. The Central Waterfront Coalition ( is still actively working towards a central waterfront for everybody, which does not include a Stadium/entertainment facility.

  2. Hi,
    For a time there was a forum set up for Gastown residents but there was very little activity in it, and people seemed to disperse from that group once the stadium issue had been sorted. The greater issue of waterfront planning and development was highlighted by this stadium plan, and is one that everyone should be aware of and participate in. Development will happen, but how that happens is really the issue.

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