Yes – we got Telus TV

I’m happy. We got Telus TV, with a long morning of installation and some fiddly times getting used to it, and now we’re watching the first three months worth of free movies and channels that are really scrambling my sense of time and space. Getting all that prime time viewing out of the way before dinner by watching the east coast channels, which also let us see Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert mid-evening if we want. The real features of Telus TV won’t be here for a while, the on demand program storage, the pause and rewind, etc. When we were first setting up, I just had to take a few pix – from time to time we get these glitchy Nam June Paik effects:

Telus TV glitchy


5 thoughts on “Yes – we got Telus TV

  1. Someone asked if we still have Telus tv, and yes we do! It’s great – especially the time-shift to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert at our 8pm.

  2. Well that is definately digital MPEG2 or MPEG4 pixilation. That happens when the complete video stream is not coming through on time. There are many reasons why this could happen.

    The decoder (from digital to anolog) on your set top box (STB) is a lossy decoder; meaning it is dropping visual information becaue it is not arriving on time for real time processing.

    Understand, this is real time IP digital streaming but your eye can only see a light wave picture’s from your TV. i.e. based on an “analog” visual waves and hence there is not enough information coming through for the digital back to analog conversion for your visual viewing. It is up to Telus to provide your Quality of Service. The are failing you but trying so hard to make this work as Shaw is raping Telus financially and it is only going to get worse over time until TTV performs for the public.

  3. I,after another raise in Shaw cost,had chose to switch over to Telus t.v. cable.Now,in their contract I select the stations that I am going to pay for.Shaw are sinply gougers,Ilive in the city and all I see are highrise buildindg.A countless no. of buildings,if each of those buildings house aprox.250 suites @ say $56.00 a month times a hundreds of buildings,well you do the math.What do they provide accept the max. amount of commercials the C.R.T.C. will allow.In other words Shaw is charging us,the consumer to watch advertising.

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