Blogging Help?

One of the services we offer is blogging help. To those who are regular bloggers, this must seem unnecessary, but to others who are new to it, or who are not that computer-savvy, blog help is a must if they want to communicate this way.

You might think the old joke about jogging applies here: “I have someone who does that for me.” How can anyone blog for anyone else? This has been a topic of conversation among bloggers, and there is much to be said on the side that adamantly insists that the people who are blogging should express themselves personally, without intermediary. But time restraints, or computer problems, sometimes means that blog help can be needed.

Over the weekend I met with a client who has some extraordinary art work that she wishes to show online, and what better way to do that than by blogging? The hurdles to be overcome are many, not the least of which is simply navigating the blog software and finding out how to save the text. Some of what she wrote had not been saved actually, so luckily she had a backup of the writing that could reproduce the blog postings that had been lost. Then we had the obstacle of the image size. After going through the learning curve of the scanner and finding out how to use it, she learned how to scan her artworks, and how to save them, then I came in to help make them ready for upload. Each piece is very beautiful and the images are extremely symbolic and meaningful. They work very well on the screen, as the light passing through the textures is very compelling. Because they were saved in quite large formats, we went over the ways to make the images smaller, and more blog-ready. In the process we discovered that there were many areas still to be determined in this blog-to-be, many parts still to be done, and definitions of the relationships between the static pages and the blog postings, as well as header information was still to be worked out.

Just because the blog software like wordpress is so easy to use, and makes it so very easy to do, we mustn’t make the assumption that this means everyone will have the patience and interest in developing their own blogs. Experienced bloggers have all been there, learning how to post images, how to make the most of the blogosphere, and how to best communicate in this medium. It is a continually expanding area of expertise, always shifting. That’s where we come in with blogging help and assistance, at whatever level a client might need it. We can offer that experience to new bloggers, so the trial and error process is reduced somewhat.

At the end of the day, you get a great blog, and you can add to it yourself with confidence, or we can help provide content, research or links to enhance your blog presence.


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