Multi-tasking in Self-Publishing

When you self-publish, you are often expected to do it all yourself, and that can mean some fairly elaborate multi-tasking. If you’re intending to publish your work independently, you might want to redefine “independent” to include some skilled help, so you aren’t out of your depth in certain areas beyond your expertise. Typically, you’ll need someone to help you define your concept clearly, and to help with the main substantive editing to shape your book. But that’s only the beginning of the process that occurs once your manuscript is completed. You’ll need to design your book and lay it out, copy edit and proof it, as well as create a cover, get an ISBN, and bar code, deal with printers and then market your creation. The costs for these and other aspects of the process vary considerably between service providers, so do your homework and go with the people you feel are most sympatico to your endeavour. You’ll be working with them for some time as your book reaches completion, so you need to not only feel trust in their professionalism but also develop a harmonious working relationship.

Or … if you feel up to it, you can multi-task the whole thing, and have that incredible satisfaction of doing it yourself!


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