History of Carrall Street

The City of Vancouver has made a truly comprehensive site on the Carrall Street Greenway initiative. The first page of their History section has wonderful nuggets of information that anyone interested in this part of Vancouver will be fascinated to read. To go there, just click on the page image below:

Carrall History Page


3 thoughts on “History of Carrall Street

  1. That is pretty cool! I was a regular at the Europe Hotel bar in the late 70’s so it is neat to see the old building still going strong!


  2. So many people have great (and not-so-great) memories of this area. The Hotel Europe is still there, looking as European as ever, facing Maple Tree Square. Now Kimprints store and framing shop is on the main floor, and the old tiles are By still there in the residence lobby. Fantastic to see. I was in a suite there, one of the apartments at the very “nose” of the building – overlooking the square. It’s very interesting living space, and affordable too. But of course not easy to get into. Great view of the jazz festival in the summers.
    I just checked your blog at http://neath.wordpress.com – it looks really interesting.

  3. Thanks! I am becoming something of an expert on how to find a seemingly unending amount of material on a limited topic (smile).

    The thing about Carrol street for me is the enormous contradictions in the area. Main/Hastings is famous for not a lot of wonderful things but I have always been impressed by the “something for everybody” aspect of the neighborhood. I also used to go to The Savoy for shows in those days. Other drinking spots included the Carlelton Hotel (fairly raunchy), Traveller’s Hotel (same) and over on Main I think was The Smiling Buddha (punk era).

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