Experiencing Self-Publishing for Myself

It’s all very well and good to encourage others to produce their own self-published books, and to coach them and help prepare their material, but it began to seem not quite fair to my clients unless I experienced the heights and depths of the process of self-publishing myself.

So, I took the print on demand plunge, and put together two books of work that I had written and circulated years ago: Documentary Print and Human Ecology.

Documentary Print                    Human Ecology

The experience has been truly valuable, both technically and emotionally. I chose to work with Lulu.com, and now have a little storefront on their site: Carol’s Special Interest Bookstore, that also includes some preview pages.

In future posts I’ll track the process of each of these more fully.


One thought on “Experiencing Self-Publishing for Myself

  1. I’m interested in your self-publishing experiences. As an editor, I work with several self-publishing clients and have just posted a Self-Publishing Primer on my blog.

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