Process Patterns

My interest in technology and communications, which gave rise to the Documentary Print research, was influenced very much by correspondence with Barry Nevitt, who had been a colleague of Marshall McLuhan. Through that contact my study involved developing a whole new set of thought-tools to assess any situation, and a new mind-space in which to experience the various extensions of humanity.

In 1985 Barry Nevitt said, “The proliferation of inhuman technology is creating new demands for a return to human scale.” Has it taken us, as a society, over 20 years to realize that this return is indeed what is needed? Our extension further into inhuman technology must naturally have as its outcome a new demand for a return to human scale, and this can be seen in all aspects of life today. Whole foods (both the chain of stores and the actual “whole foods”) along with a vital environmental movement are aspects of this new desire for human scale.  McLuhan and Nevitt directed us to discover process patterns, so we can observe that the effects often precede their causes. Nevitt also said, “Art always anticipates science, because percepts always precede concepts.”

We named our digital studio, Electric Living Productions, based on another Nevitt quote: “Our present hang-ups are due to the incompatiblity of sequential thinking with the simultaneities of electric living.”


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