New Publishing

The Web Worker Daily  has a good report on new entrepreneurship experiments, and you will be pleased to see Lulu mentioned here. As you know, we work with Lulu for some of the books we have published, and so they come with a good recommendation. Still, to create these books and web-based publications, it’s good to have an editor or creative coach to bring out the best in what you have to offer. Naturally, this is what we do at Alpha Glyph.

It’s always good to see the media is starting to get it: the whole idea of “publishing” becoming an expression not only in print, but in many other media too. Ultimately you will have to experiment and find your own way to develop your expression further, using whatever medium is best for you. We can help you find that way. My own background in video and audio production and licensing combines with my early new media experience.  All this has grown out of a firm foundation of print editing and writing skills. Our consultations with you will naturally include the media you need to get your message out there, in more fun ways than perhaps you had originally thought!


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