Sharing or Silos?

When it comes to events and public programs on Carrall Street, the diverse communities linked by the new greenway will have a bit of a challenge. Do they remain as they have been identified in the past, as discrete silos of interest, direction and identity, or is there a way to share these neighbourhood identities across the invisible borders? Gastown, DTES, Chinatown are the main players here, but the direction of development of the lands near the water on both ends of the street will also have an influence in identifying what this street will represent. At this point, the Chinatown association is already considering their potential use of the street to extend some of their normal community events out into Carrall Street, including the spring new year parade, and to some extent the Night Market. This is exciting to imagine, as it means that the greenway really will create a space in which these diverse groups have an opportunity to extend their community identity.

The Greenway on Carrall offers a potential for many more neighbourhood events and expressions, which will naturally draw from the other areas connected to the street. So, for example, if the planned multimedia installation (Centre A, Projections, Interurban) which would take place at the Carrall-Hastings intersection were to be at the same time as the light festival (parade, events at Sun Yat Sen Garden) there could be something new established through such a strong synergy.


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