Blackfoot Replica: Captive at the Airport

Blackfoot Crossing

At the Calgary Airport, a display for a Blackfoot territory museum shows an effigy of a turning dancer in full regalia. I had a lot of time to stare at it while waiting for my bags to appear on the luggage carousel below.

Blackfoot Dancer

The dancer manikin is turned by means of a pole in the centre of the display arc.

Blackfoot Pole

I was dismayed to see the pole was placed in such a way as to show little dignity for the dancer. In fact, it looked like a reverse sundance image. He has been pierced in the back and looks hanging lifeless and defeated.

pole 2

The final insult: when the dancer was placed on the pole, the pole pierced his foot, was thrust up through the butt, and made to emerge through the centre of the upper back.

With so much care placed on the regalia and authenticity of the dancer, didn’t anyone notice the effect of this insensitive display?

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2 thoughts on “Blackfoot Replica: Captive at the Airport

  1. I agree….this is tasteless to say the least and disgusting to say the most….Who is responsible for this display…the province? Glenbow? I wonder…RC

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