Networking Entrepreneurs

Anyone who has a self-published book knows that networking and hand-selling really do help get some buzz going around your latest venture. As an entrepreneur with my own business, I often attend various networking events around the Vancouver area, to meet prospective clients and to create awareness around the services we offer through Alpha Glyph. Right now we are expanding our blogging services, which we’ve found more and more interest in from clients. Watch this space for more info on the blogging side of this business.

Last week, I attended a SWAN networking event in North Vancouver, and it was one of the best – very warm feeling, and all women.

As a guest of isabella mori, I went to their breakfast meeting, which featured some lightning networking rounds, in which each woman presented her business to the group at her table. Then we switched to another table, to do the same thing. There wasn’t a possibility of reaching the entire group at that rate, but we did see a great range and variation of women’s businesses in the networking sessions.

At my tables, I promised the group that I’d mention them in my next blog post, so here goes:

isabella mori First, here’s isabella mori, a therapist and writer, who had invited me to SWAN as her guest.

Paws in the Woods Tanja Feichtinger, a web designer and graphic designer also offers a dog adventure business.

Arbonne Joanie Brown is an independent consultant for Arbonne International pure Swiss skin care, in North Vancouver.

Reiki - Tierra Sol Mar Jacquie Wilson is a Reiki practitioner in Deep Cove whose company is called Tierra Sol Mar Reiki.

Pelly Clinic Anita Ming Lee, D.C., MAOM, has a new chiropractic/acupuncture practice. Their site is still under construction, but here’s the contact page.

Car Jill Pollard from Clutch (more than a purse) by AutoOne, specialises in car sales and leasing for women.
Francine Francine Legault is a real estate agent in North Van.

North Shore Tracey Wait is an advertising consultant for the North Shore Outlook.

rose Carol Lea is a Mary Kay consultant in North Van.

VGUniverseVivian Anayian is a web/graphic designer at VG Universe Design.
Linda Beet Linda Beet at does tarot readings and events through her Triple Apple Tarot.

Some of the women at my tables didn’t have a website listed, so I couldn’t create links for them, but I can list them here: Riette Gordon is a designer with Decor&More decorating services; and Oksana Airiants is a consultant with Investors Group.

It was a supportive and rewarding event – thanks!


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