Going over Blogging with Kim Lear

Kim came over this afternoon and we have been discussing the fine points of blogging and how to make the most of this medium. So I’m just doing a short posting for fun to show the pleasures of using wordpress!


One thought on “Going over Blogging with Kim Lear

  1. Kim emailed me later with this comment:
    I waded into your world of blogging by downloading a trial version of netnewswire. Each time I look down at the little icon telling me there are 378 new postings I panic! I’ve unsubscribed to almost all the sites it comes with and have tried to subscribe to a couple new sited that I’m interested in, but even then I have 79 postings.

    I think if the Vancouver Sun landed on people’s doorstep with a post it note saying “157 articles waiting to be read” they would see a surge in subscription cancellations. And if you chose not to read the paper, and found another paper there the next day saying “now you have 289 articles to read” they would be out of business in a week.

    Isn’t the point of the reader to function like a newspaper – a collection of stories that potentially matter to you? So what’s with the counter? And how do you clear it without actually reading or scrolling through all the feeds?

    Don’t people feel inundated? I feel like I don’t have time in my day to scroll through that many postings – I’m thinking 5-7 postings are doable.


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